Leaving Town

O.K. not really but to someone in Queen Creek, Scottsdale is Out Of Town! This past week my Mom, Sis-in-Law Heather, the kids and I all headed to the Westin Kierlad Villas in Scottsdale for the week. Hayley, Steve and Colin joined us part of the time. It was a BLAST! We lounged by the pool ate great food, played Settlers all night long, watched the Office Dvd's , swam, and shopped. What more could we want. Well maybe a babysitter would have been nice so I could relax a little more by the pool, luckily I had my mom though or I would have gone crazy with 3 kids.
Isn't this an awesome picture

Cheese Ball
My little Old Man

The water slide, I think I had as much fun going down it as the boys. That is all J did the whole time.
The canon ball contest- They had contests for the kids about every half hour. So Fun

The snake J won for second place in the canon ball competition

Every time J ate a snack he would go over and sit in a cabana- who knows why
Huddy making friends
Shopping at Kierland Commons- Window Shopping that is, but we did get some yummy Coldstone Ice Cream to take home.

What a sweet big brother, with their matching binkies
Coen & Presley hanging at the pool. 

My mom and dad in their Glasses 
Ocean Club for my B-day Dinner, luckily without the kids (thanks Rachael & Phoebe for watching the boys) 


Kippy said...

Crystal-Happy Birthday!! I hope it's a great one. You look as beautiful as always. And that lil girl of yours is too dang cute!

The Neilson Times said...

I love all your updates, Happy belated birthday!
What a fun little vacation, close, but far enough from home to just relax, you look amazing!

Jenna said...

Presley is Hudson's twin, she is really cute!!! You look perfect, did you really have a baby?

Mary Ann said...

A get away is a get away!! Glad you were able to go! You already look amazing! It was so fun to talk to you!! Hope you had a very happy b.day!! Love ya

Johnson said...

Ben and I have stayed there for an overnight! Totally nice place. It looks like you guys had a great time. We can do a play date sometime with Jackson and Tyler and Abby.

Jen Johnson

Katie Peterson said...

You look great Crystal...what is your secret??? Isn't it crazy how vacations aren't as 'relaxing' as they were when you had no kids...but it makes it all worth it to see how much fun the kids have!

Carroll Family said...

This looks WAY, WAY FUN!!!!! I'll have to remember this!

Melanie said...

That looks like a blast. Your kids are so dang cute and your baby is to die for. Owen asks about jackson all the time we need to get them together sometime

Kerby Family said...

Crystal that Presley is so cute. She is tiny. I love having two boys and a girl. How are your dudes handeling the whole girl thing. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday.

Suz said...

Great post & great pics.
Sorry I forgot about the hotel.. I think that is where we swam last year when my parents stayed there. I didn't even realize that.