Snow Day

On Sat. Dana Park shops were having a grand opening when I drove by I noticed a huge pile of Snow in the middle of the parking lot so I decided to take the kids. We had a blast playing in the snow in our flip flops, watching Radio Disney dancers sing and dance songs from HSM3, play at the toy store and get a couple of Free Samples of Ocean Blue Frozen Yogurt. Which were quite tasty I especially enjoyed the lime sherbert. As soon as I tried to go shopping in some stores for me though it was over the kids had had enough. Later that night we went to Ra with my fam. and no Stephen and let me say NIGHTMARE! I didn't want to go but my family wouldn't understand so I went and I should have stuck with my first instinct Huddy, my usually most behaved child was out of control, screaming the entire time we were in there if there wasn't food right in front of his face. So I spent most of the time in the bathroom or outside awaiting the food. After he had devoured his California rolls, shrimp and edamame he decided it was time to dance! Oh what a night.

All the fountains had bubbles in it which Huddy found super fun.

Hudson had a blast throwing snowballs at no one.

That is soy sauce all over his face after he downed it.
getting jiggy with it


Cummards said...

How fun! You are the best Mom to let your kids make sugar cookies with you, I'm sure they had a blast. That was one of my favorite things to make as a kid. Huddy and J are so cute, and look like such big boys!! And I'm bummed there isn't a single pic. of Presley girl in this post!

j&jwebbfamily said...

Love the snow day, I saw they were having a grand opening but, didnt' know they would have snow. Looks like fun. That stinks about out of control kiddos. I totally understand. : )

Carroll Family said...

I saw the signs for this, but didn't even think about it being fun with activities like this! My kids would have loved it - so glad you saw it!