Labor Day

For Labor Day we headed up to the cabin. It was the BEST weather ever. We played games ate a ton of Great Food and I even got presents and CAKE! Steve enlisted the kids in painting our stairs and fixing the roof. Since all the rain that Strawberry has had this past few months when we got up there the whole meadow was covered in flowers, it was absolutely gorgeous. 

Every where Stephen goes he marks his territory with these two symbols though usually the S has two lines in it for the money sign. He has marked his vehicle, his moms b-ball hoop, J's toys, movies anything and everything he can. This was no exception.

Cheryl's Cabin Wrapping "paper"


Mary Ann said...

It DOES look beautiful there... love the wrapping paper! The mountains are always a fun place to be! Glad you had a good holiday.. any more birthday pic?? or pics of presley!??:)

Flaherty Fam said...

What a fun little getaway. I love to get out of the heat and go up north. Your kids look adorable in the fun swim pics. Your little girl is such a cutie. I really want to learn how to make some head bows. I loved Presley's cute pink flower bow.

Suzy Cummard said...

Sad we missed your celebration... speaking of - we still need to go to lunch.. Crackers? (then Ocean Blue..)
Great job today on Presleys big day.