Presley's Blessing Day

The only semi decent picture I could get of us and the kids, J not looking or smiling, Hud not looking with he mouth open and Pres with her tongue out. Nice

This last Sunday we blessed Miss Presley, she looked so adorable in her little white dress, with matching bracelet ( that I made, I am finally getting to make cute baby girl jewlery!) and the shoes Grandma C makes for all the grandkids with their name and blessing date on it. It was a beautiful blessing and all of our family were able to make it all the way out to QC. Grandpa D who performed the blessing called Steve's brother David that morning and asked him if he could bring Presley up to the front since he was worried he might trip with her and fall. ( Since he already accidently sat on her at the cabin, don't worry she didn't get hurt). My uncle Bill said she kept popping her binkie out of her mouth and he had to keep catching it and shoving it back in.

Being Fussy 
Add a binkie
And she is content


Mary Ann said...

She PERFECt... You're GOREOUS!... What an awesome day! I love all the pictures! You were made to have a girl! :)

The Wilkins' said...

Presley is adorable, and her dress is to die for! You look beautiful too of course! Sorry I didn't make it. I forgot to tell you... we just got called to primary and that was our first week teaching, so it didn't work out.

Marley Girls said...

So precious, she is so cute!! Little doll! Her blessing looked so nice too...wish I could've been there, I always miss your blessings!

Carroll Family said...

I love blessing days - they are so neat and spiritual. And, I love having family there!

Rhiannon said...

Don't worry about you family picture. You all look great. What an adorable little girl you have.

Mike & Stephanie Wright said...

She is so dang cute! I wish that I could have been there for the blessing. You look great!