Congratulations to all those who have started a blog (Jill & Jenna). I couldn't be more excited, I absolutely love looking at all of the blogs. Now to those who have yet to start a blog here is what I have to say. If you have time to look at blogs you have time to do one, and it is not hard at all. Also if you think you have nothing to say and are boring, I gaurantee you are not, I know everyone will love to look at your blog. So it is time to start. It is the best way to keep up with old friends who you have lost touch with, friends you see all the time and those that are out of the state. We want to see you and your family.


emily said...

I just have to tell you Crystal, your blog is the best! You never let me down. Every time I check (no matter how often) you always have a new post. Keep it up!

JKMeeks said...

You are so funny. I love all of your blog comments. They are great. You look amazing I cannot believe you just had a baby not that long ago. Amazing!!

The Tyler's said...

You need to get a job at blogspot!!

Suzy Cummard said...

Crystal- Ditto, Jill's comment. Either that or get a life!!
Nice pictures from the Mac! Only you!

Hess Fam said...

I want a shout out from you too Crystal. Big step for the Hess blog! ;)