Our Garden

We finally get to do our garden. My family always had a garden with yummy zuchinni. And you hate to buy it since you know it grows so great that people who have it in their garden are just itching to give it away. So if everything works out then we will have tons, so you will all be getting some. We planted zuchinni, squash, snap peas, and swiss chard. Here are some pictures we took to commemorate the event.

Even Hudson got into it.

Here is Stephen pulling out one of our trees that died during the freeze.


The Wilkins' said...

Crystal that is so cool that you guys are planting a garden. I want to so bad - I just have no idea how to do it!

Melis said...

I'm totally jealous! I would love to have a garden. Unfortuneately, I am terrible at keeping up with the yard and Rob is even worse than me. You are awesome! Happy harvesting... is that the right terminology...?? Hee, hee.

Jenna said...

My landscaper just finished and we have a whole garden waiting to be harvested. But I don't know how to do it. Damon's dad has a perfect garden with everything you can think of. Maybe you can come show me how to get started, then we can swim!

chris+amber said...

You're awesome for gardening. I gotta work up the courage to do that. Take notes and give me tips. Good luck!!