My Must Have Household Cleaning Products

The Shark- this cordless vacumn is incredible. My sister-in-laws gave it to me a couple of years ago and I love it. The shark is so useful for minor messes. I dont use it when I am vacumning the whole carpet and tile. But for small spills it works great. It saves so much time and is super easy. It is also rechargeable and lightweight. It picks up most anything including sticky stuff, also it is way easy to clean out.

Oxi Clean Laundry Stain Remover- I love this it seriously gets out all my stains.

My all time favortite product is The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser- It is magic, there isnt and things it can't get up, from paint, ink, crayon, hard water stains this eraser is the BOMB!
Tell me what you think, and if you have any other must haves.


Ali said...

Thank heavens for OxiClean! Amazing.

chris+amber said...

I gotta try that vacuum thingie. It sounds like a must, especially with kids. I second that motion about the Magic Eraser. Halleigh scribbled my wall w/ a red Sharpie! I about DIED. The Magic Eraser saved my day and many others!

chris+amber said...

By the way, the OxyClean is the only reason I haven't thrown out my baby clothes! I buy it almost every time I go to Costco!

JKMeeks said...

Hey Crystal,
I loved your comment on my blog.
You are hilarious I love your blog. Your kids are adorable!
Let me tell ya it is a lot of fun to have a girl. But boys are WAY easier. In my opinion! I tell Jen Good Luck! Just kidding!!

Melis said...

I'm an OxiClean fan too! Looks like I'm gonna have to try that Magic Eraser thingie. How cool!

Suzy Cummard said...

(I think I said this on Amber's awhile back...)
You would love "Fabuloso" It is the Mexican 409. I love it. I love walking in to a clean room & smelling it, too. It works for counters, etc... & you can dilute it for floors!
OH yeah, you have granite counters, do not use cleaners like this on granite. It will ruin it!