Hudson's Blessing

We blessed Hudson yesterday at our ward. All of our family was able to come which was so nice since we live so far away. Thank you everyone. Doesn't he look like a little man? So cute! Also Cheryl, Hudson's Grandma, made these cute shoes, which she makes for all the grandkids on their blessing day. Thanks so much Cheryl we love them.


Melis said...

Hey Crystal, I just read your comment on our blog. Thanks tons! It is way fun to see how everyone is doing through blogging! Loving it so far!
And congrats on the new baby boy! He is beautiful! Actually, both of your boys are stinkin' studs! I totally loved your pics on Angie's site! You have a beautiful family!
It sure was fun to hear from you! I'll be sure to check in every now and again!
;) Melis

Mike & Stephanie Wright said...

Thank you for inviting me to the blessing. Hudson is so cute! It was so nice to see you guys. When I come in town again I will let you know. Cheers!

Rhiannon said...

Crystal, thanks for leaving a message on my blog. I'm so excited that you are doing great. I love your pictures of your boys they are so cute. Have a grand day!

The Wilkins' said...

Hudson IS such a cute little man! And, you look beautiful of course!

chris+amber said...

Love his blessing outfit. You look gorgeous, as always. Love your hair.