Our Little Athlete

We signed Jackson up for T-Ball this season with some of his friends at Preschool, Kai & Owen, Owen's dad is the Coach. Anyways this my first kid on a sports team so I was excited to see how it would go. Last Wednesday was our their first practice, I was a little nervous since I thought all the other kids would know how to do everything and Jackson still couldn't catch a ball. But boy was I wrong, it was hilarious to watch the kids play. They could pretty much could all hit, but the only one that was running for the ball was Owen ( since he had played last year). They were just standing there, Jackson was of course hugging Kai, typical. They finally caught on and would all chase after the ball, then cry if they didn't get it. So I was even more excited to see how the first game would go.

Game 1-

Before we got to the game I had to convince Jackson to wear his long socks ( he hates long socks) and his hat and tug up his ball pants, I showed him pics of my old ball teams that seemed to do the trick. Though he did take his hat off halfway through the game. The boys were so cute in their uniforms and looked like pros, though I dont know that they are there yet. With 3-4 yr. old T-ball there are no outs (luckily or it would never end) The first time Jackson was up to bat he hit great, when he was running from 1st to 2nd he retrieved the ball for the other team and then ran it to all the way to Second Base. It was the cutest thing ever. He seemed to like playing on the field the best, he ran for every single ball no matter how far it was, and he didn't get upset when he wasn't the one who got it. He even dove for one ball. I think he ended up being the dirtiest kid on the team. The whole time he kept asking if it was time for treats yet (totally my son) when it was finally time for them he was pretty dissapointed since the teamate brought a more healthy snack and apparently my son is only used to junk food( I promise he does eat healty most of the time). I hope all the games are this much fun.
His first hit of the Game -Awesome
Great form
here he is getting the ball for the other team, double click and you can see him behind a kid in purple
Him carrying the ball to Second


A serious athlete
All dirtied up


the cummard family said...

Love the one pant leg up...thugish! He looks so cute in his uniform, I love it!

Suzy Cummard said...

WOW!! I am laughing so hard.
(I love that you had your camera ready for all of those shots)

That was the cutest & funniest thing.

I am gonna be telling that story tomorrow!

WHAT A LITTLE ATHLETE! Auburn just said on Tuesday that Ellie & Noah should be on a T-BALL team together. I laughed just at the thought of Ellie holding the bat!

The Tyler's said...

Love it! Brody's game on Sat. went about the same way. But he came crying to Noah and I half way through because he was thirsty. What was that all about? It was about a 100 degrees that day! Brody was the only one who showed up without the white pants. I guess I didn't get the memo! I felt so stupid. CU2night!

Cummards said...

So cute! Zilla is getting so big, he's such a boy! Well...minus the hugging other guys thing that he seems to love. It's ok, the only think Casey did at the Basketball game last night was stare at the Male Cheerleaders.

You need to post some pictures of Huddy, havn't seen him in a while! Or yourself.

Kristina said...

he is so stinkin' cute in his uniform!! I am thinking I will start coming over to the park once in a while...after Halloween is over. :)

Anonymous said...

You take the best pictures I have officially called you to be the "Team Photographer" I am the team "MOM" you know so you better mind me :). Seriously you take great shots. Love them all.
See ya bright and early sat morning

Anonymous said...

I am not used to being in so many movies with so many people in them.

Anonymous said...

We need to use code names like Angela... and umm.. DEWIGHT!!!

Anonymous said...

OOPS.. I mean DWIGHT...

Anonymous said...

Give me a break,
Give me a break,
Break me off a bite of that FANCY FEAST!!

Oh, that's what it is.

Lynsey said...

I heard you have a slider!! He looks so cute in his uniform, call me crazy but for some reason I remember you wearing you pants with one leg up and one leg down, did you? I guess you have to pass on the tradition :)

Rhiannon said...

I love it. Isn't funny how are kids are getting so big to things that we did when we were kids. Jersey isn't great at soccer but I love watching her try.

Amanda B. said...

I can't wait til I have a kid who can play sports. I loved the story about him getting the ball for the other team. What a cutie!!!

Unknown said...

I LOVE watching T-ball, I used to ref these games and they were hillarious, I got hit with the bat lots b/c I stood behind the Tee!! Enjoying watching all his games, I am sure they will keep you laughing!!

Anonymous said...

We missed Jackson at the game today. What cant make it "into town" in time :)