School Christmas Program

For the program I went to Jack's school where they put on a little program. First he was my waiter and he took my order collected my "fake" money then went and got my food and brought it back to me. He was such a doll they even had little Chef's hats.
Side Note: the other day Jackson told me he didn't want to be a Jedi anymore when he grew up, he wanted to be a Chef so he could cook for me! How cute is he.

Next all the kids sang songs, Jackson mostly just stood there and didn't sing much but he did sing the Gingerbread Man song( which he has been singing for me for the past month so I finally got to hear what it really sounds like) and the snowman song. During the last couple of songs he decided to shut his eyes. Sometimes I don't know what he is thinking.

Jingle Bells Song

Here he is closing his eyes
His presents that he made for me and the ones from Mrs. K
Mrs. K and Jack
Jackson and his buddy Joey


j&jwebbfamily said...

What a cute program, Mrs. K. does. She is great with those kids and very creative. Love how Jackson wants to be a chef now, what a cutie. I bet he would make a great cook.