Happy Belated Birthday Angela Noel Bates Sloan

I am quite behind on my blogging right now so please forgive me. Angie is a Christmas Baby and therefore gets jipped more times than not. Angie is one of the best friends I have and we have been that way since 8th Grade. We got married a week apart and now are going to have babies a week apart as well. . She is one of those girls who makes all the people around her feel special and she is never mean or catty. I am so glad we have continued to be friends to this day.
Here are some things about Ang
1. She is always up for anything, and is constantly trying to think of fun new things to do.
2. She is uber talented, such a great photographer and videographer not to mention a great Dancer.
3. In high school she always carried a toothbrush with her.
4. She always has the best intentions.
5. She is a bargain shopper, thrift stores were her go to store of choice in high school , but Matt has pretty much broken her of that habit, but Ross is still her love.
6. Whenever we go out to eat she ALWAYS gets the cheapest thing on the menu.
7. She loves to take naps.
8. She is always sick.
9. She has the abitlity to make guys go crazy for her and fall madly in love. Not anymore though, she is happily married.
10. She is a true and genuine friend and has always been there for me.
11. And of course she is GORGEOUS!
13. She is very thrifty
14. She is a peacemaker and avoids contention at all costs
15. She was in the movie JERRY MAGUIRE
16. She is fantastic with kids and is such a great mom to Maddux.
17. A bit of a vitamin and alternative medicine junkie.
I could list a ton more but I am pretty sure you get the jist and if you know Ang you know what I am talking about, I hope she had a great birthday and she starts feeling better soon.


JKMeeks said...

Hey thanks for those nice thoughts about my sis. That was awesome! and I totally agree there is a reason the word angel is in her name She is one! Can't wait to see you at the wedding too. And hope you feel better!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Critter you made my day, I am laughing! Thanks so much for the shout out, I couldn't ask for a better friend, I love you to pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marley Girls! said...

Okay I am dying laughing...she is always sick!! Amen to all of that, love u angie!! I love the pics, espcially the dance one! Happy belated birthday angie, we will have to take you out to eat!

The Wilkins' said...

Ha, ha, I totally thought of Ang on her birthday. I LOVE the pictures you chose! Totally blasts from the past!

jenna said...

I am laughing at the dance picture outfit!!! LOL Ang was always sick in High School!!!! Ang Rocks!