The boys saw Santa a couple of times this year, the first was our ward christmas party, only Jackson sat on his lap though ( i know sad I didn't even think to put Hudson in there) the next was when Santa came to Junky Trunk by helicopter ( which we missed by 5 min. sad again. but the boys did get to sit on his lap and get a little present. I kept asking Jackson what he wanted for Christmas from me and Santa and everyone. He kept telling me that Santa knew what he wanted so he didn't need to make a list or to tell him, and that he really didn't care what he got. He also had some weird notion thinking that Santa is the only person that gives presents which is not good since Santa usually leaves only about one big gift at out house and a full stocking, so I desperately tried to tell him that most of the presents come from mom and dad and the rest of the family. Course it also made getting presents way easier since he apparently had not expectations. I am sure this will not last through the years so I should definitely enjoy it now.