Hudson's First Haircut

I finally broke down and decided to cut off his ever growing Mullet. Nearly everyone pointed it out so I thought it was about time. This was also my first time cutting one of my boys hair not including buzzing since the last time I tried with Jackson I ended up having to shave it all off. Well I think I did a pretty good job, but thanks to his white thin hair it hid my mistakes very well. Hudson was a great sport, Stephen was the photographer and of course being him he couldn't resist taking some shots of himself.


Kristina said...

Oh yipee! New posts!! Hudson looks adorable; as always. I LOVE your family pictures, they turned out so great!!! :) Happy New Year!

The Tyler's said...

Well, hello there...Miss posts alot!!
I was a little sad when I saw you cutting Huddy's hair! I'm sad I don't get to be the one to make all my freinds and their kids look good.
I LOVE that sweater on Jack. I'm so glad we got them!
And your fam pics really could not be any cuter! I love all of them. My most fav is the one of you and Huddy.
Sorry about the phone call the other day. I could hardly hear you. But really, if you need help with Bunko please call me! I want to help you!

Mike & Stephanie Wright said...

Stephen!! What in the heck are you doing? You crack me up!

Suzanne Cummard said...

It was about time... & I am not talking about blogging!


The Richins Family said...

Hello! That's got to be the funniest picture I have seen today of Stephen!!!!! Here i am just looking through your pics and then the last one of him makes me laugh so very hard! Hilarious and Classic!!!