Christmas Eve 2007

Well Christmas Eve is a long night for us. We always start off at the Cummards and end up at my dads. This year was my dads year so we had to leave the Cummard night a little early. Before we went over to the my in-laws we went to my moms house where I gave her the first card of the night since I knew she would be sad if she was the last to find out. For Christmas I decided to tell our families that we are PREGNANT!!!! I made a card for each grandparent with a number on the front ( the number grandchild it will be) and and Ultrasound picture inside with the due date July 30th. My mom was so excited and had no idea which I thought she might since I have been ultra sick and ducking out of everything. It is so hard to hide being pregnant when all you do is throw up and you can't eat anything or go anywhere, so I have been a real party pooper in December. Holidays are no fun when you are sick for me or my poor kids. Next we headed to the Cummards for a great dinner followed by the Nativity program put on by the Children- Jackson got Joseph this year and he was so adorable. I love getting to do this tradition every year with the kids it really adds a lot to Christmas. After that we started on presents we do it one by one so it took quite along time and we had to leave. But right before we left we gave Cheryl her card, she was so excited and for a minute had no idea who was pregnant. After that we headed to my dads where everyone was there even my aunt and uncle and grandma from Pennsylvania and my cousins who got to school out of state. We visited and opened presents. lots of great stuff. Then I gave my dad his card and he was super excited he couldn't believe it for a second he thought Colin and Heather were giving him a card about their baby since the are having one about 5 wks. before me. At last we headed home around 10:30 and no Jackson did not fall asleep in the car if you can believe it. So we left some cookies out for Santa and headed off to bed.

Jon,Lee and Parker-nerds
Grandkids with the Great Grandparents
Mary and Joseph played by Ellie and Jackson

Stephen bought himself an Ah-So shirt and Pirates gift card wrapped it and then opened it in front of everyone.
Jackson sitting on the special chair opening his soccer ball.
Hudson loving every minute of it
My bro Colin
Hudson and one of his favorite presents a Ball of course
His first video game
My sis. Hayley and the boys
Jackson with my cousins Matthew and Emma
My Grandma and the boys
My dad and the boys
My cute card


Suzanne Cummard said...

GEEZ- It wouldn't let me comment.

My favorite part- STEVE & his RANDOMNESS, of course.

I am so excited for you!

Wait-a-go on catching up.
Now take a deep breath!

The Cummard Family said...

HOLY COW! How did you change the date on each new post. I didn't know you could do that. I love all the new posts. Especially the picture of Jackson opening his favorite gift of Christmas (the soccer ball we gave him). Oh and the one of my hot husband ;) Please don't get behind again on your blog....please.

Mary Ann said...

I am SOOO excited for you... and feeling bad at the same time.. that you are so sick! that is the worse! How far along are you? What is the due date? I miss you and would love to see you! You are so stinking beautiful! I LOVE the long hair!

Ern said...

Pregnant?! Wha, wha, what?! Congrats, Crystal! With you being Queen Blog, and not blogging during the holidays, I sneaky thought that's what you've been up to. You are a very beautiful pregnant gal too!

Melanie said...

Ok what the crap I was just thinking today at school that you looked soooo skinny!! Congrats that is awesome. I am happy for you.

j&jwebbfamily said...

Congratulations how exciting! I was wondering what you have been up to. Looks like a fun Christmas and love the idea of the card for each grandparent.