Progressive Dinner

Every year we have a progressive dinner with the Cummards, so that we have a chance to see everyones decorations. This year I wasn't up to having everyone over to my house, and I also hadn't put up a lot of my decorations so nobody had to make the trek all the way too our house. Though we did go to Kanoe and Parkers which is about halfway to our house. It was a fun night and everyone had super yummy food, I especially enjoyed Suzannes famous Bruschetta. Next year I hope to have everyone out.


The Neilson Times said...

I have not checked your blog lately, I love all your updates. Your family pictures are amazing, you are so beautiful!

Tassi Smith said...

Congrats! You are so beautiful. Your family was very busy. I am glad you had a fun Christmas despite the pregnancy sickness.