Happy St. Patty's Day

Every year my mother-in-law throws a Green Party for St. Patty's Day it is so much fun she has all green food. Irish Stew, Corn Beef & Cabbage, Green Cornbread, Green Punch, Green Milk.

Here is the dessert I made, Green Peppermint Brownies. Which my friend Jill made at her Green Bunko party this week. They are so good, I had to make them.

Here is my baby all worn out at the end of the night.

Here is Hudson & his cousin Jonnie chillin in their bumbos.

Here they are ticked as can be.

Jackson was being quite the sour puss, he would not turn around for the camera.

I finally had to bribe him with dessert.


Ali said...

So fun! I wanted to make some green food but Al said he would refuse to eat it. party pooper. those brownies sound wonderful, can i have the recipe?

matt sloan said...

Hudson doesn't look like he love his bumbo, What the heck is a bumbo??? Glad you had a happy St. Patty's Day!


The Wilkins' said...

How fun! We flew home on St. Patty's Day, so we didn't do much celebrating. We did wear green though! :) Ditto to Ali - I want the recipe to the brownies!

Melis said...

I want to request the recipe as well. Maybe you can post it, ya?