Here are my BABY must haves

A great swing- I love this Fisher Price papasan swing, because it swings both ways and it is very cradling. I couldn't survive a day at home without it.

This swing is also great it has all the features of the papasan swing but it plugs into an outlet so you save on batteries, plus it is about $20 cheaper!

Car seat cover- these are the best they are super stylish and are easy to wash. Also it is a must have when you use the same car seat more than once. Toddler ones are also fantastic. You can purchase these at shesgotitall.net

A great camera- you must ALWAYS have a camera on hand with you wherever you go when you have kids. So a small one like the one I have( a canon powershot) is so perfect. It is small enough to fit in my purse everywhere I go, plus it is easy to use and produces great pictures. Sometimes the best shots you get are when you aren't expecting it so you need a camera with you at all times.

Diapees and Wipees case- love this it is so nice having your wipes and diapers in a little pouch, to be found easily in your bag or to take out and bring it with you when all you need are those items. I love mine. You can get these at shesgotitall.net as well

Great Photographers- There is nothing more important than capturing moments of your precious little ones. While using your own camera is great, a professional can really give your family pictures together that are more than posed. They can capture your life together and your love for eachother. Sloanphotographers.com are the best. They know what they are doing and you will not be dissapointed.

A Bumbo- I know a lot of you already know what is so great about these. They let your little baby sit up before they are able to on their own. I love mine it is so much fun to sit down together as a family and have Hudson sit with us on the table like a big boy.

Baby Einstein DVD's- Now these are Awesome. Nothing will keep a baby occupied for hours more than these educational dvd's. They are from 3months old to 5years, and they come out with more all the time. They have colors, shapes and now a signing one. These are so great if you don't have them already you should definitely invest, they will last a lifetime.


Suzy Cummard said...

I love this page! Seriously! It is always good to know what are must haves, & to be recommended! shesgotitall.net really will be awesome! Just wait about a month or 2!!! You rock!
And yes, Angie & Matt really are the best photographers!!

chris+amber said...

Amen sista! I agree with you! I can't wait for shesgotitall.net to get up & running. 100% satisfaction from the Sloans is right! Swings=heaven sent. I'll have to get me one of those carseat covers. After 3 kids...it's time!! Thanks for the idea!

Melis said...

Great info! And I can't wait to see shesgotitall.net.

Anonymous said...

i agree about the photographers!! ang looks perfect in that picture by the way!!