Happy Anniversary!

Today is my 6 yr. anniversary. I have been so busy I practically forgot all about it. Luckily my wonderful husband woke me up this morning to wish me a Happy Anniversary before he left for work. I wanted to say a few things about Stephen.

1. He is very loyal. No matter what he never talks bad about anybody.
2. He is a great father, since the day Jackson came into this world Stephen has been wonderful, loving, supportive. He totally does his share of the parenting and never makes me look like the bad guy.
3. He is hilarious.
4. Super hot!
5.The hardest worker, and best provider for his family.
6. The absolute best present giver, he always gets me exactly the right thing. Never forgetting any occasion.
7. Loves jewlery- what wife wouldn't love that
8. Never gets mad at me for spending money. I love that, course I just end up getting mad at myself.
9. He is always cold, but he never wears a jacket and sleeps on top of the blanket ( yet he can't handle the fan)
10. OBSESSED with CEREAL. He could eat cereal for every meal. Even when I prepare a meal he eats a bowl of cereal before or after. Plus he puts sugar on most cereals.
11. He is my handy man, he can do anything around the house and I love it.
12. He is so very giving he would give anything or do anything for anyone no matter how much it put him out. When we were first married there was this man in our ward that was not all there, he couldn't drive he just asked Stephen for a ride somewhere and from then on kept calling him for favors, and to pick him up at work and take him. Stephen didn't even know this guy and of course he did all of it no questions asked. He would even invite him places to be nice.
13. He is the worst at purchasing cars, everytime he buys one which is alot. He ends up on the raw end of the deal in a bad way. He just can't stop.
14. Everytime he sees a camera he has to take a picture of himself. I am constantly finding pictures on my camera of just his face.
15. He is obsessed with the group 311, the date, time, anything.
I love him so very much and hope the next six years are just as great.

our first christmas card
Lee & Sarah's Wedding
L.A 2007


The Tyler's said...

Congrats, congrats, congrats!! Hope you guys are doing something fun! Oh ya, You're going to Costa Rica! So jelous...and mad that your not coming to the party!
Today is Jason and Krystal's Anniversery also, thanks for reminding me.

Alisse Baldwin said...

Congratulations! 6 years is a huge accomplishment, and you look great. I laughed at the cereal thing- must be in the Cummard genes. (Lance, too!) I can't wait to babysit Hudson. (well, kind of babysit!)

Cummards said...

Happy Anniversary! You are so good at giving compliments, seriously, you said the nicest things about Stephen and are so genuine about it. How cute! Lucky him, he's got a wife life you!

Julie Jan said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys look even more in love now! I love all your photos. You are always so goregous and skinny!

Kristina said...

Happy Anniversary!! You are such a babe!

Scott, Emilie, and Sterling said...

You guys are so adorable together! Have a happy anniversary!

Melis said...

Happy anniversary! Love that wedding pic! Wishing you both a wonderful day!


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! You two are so great together. What great qualities Stephen has. You have a beautiful family and should feel truly blessed!!

the cummard family said...

LOL-I'm laughing at comments 12-15. I TOTALLY remember that guy, I forget his name, but he'd always come over to your condo...and even made an appearance at Cheryls once-right. Stephen was so nice to him-bless his heart. 311 is totally Stephens signature. Aw-Happy Anniversary!

Brittney Smith said...

Congratulations! I love your wedding picture, you look beautiful! What a great couple!

Suzy Cummard said...

Happy Anni.
Crystal AnnIE.

Ahh, Steve is a good guy. You forgot to put that he is always smiling or chuckling.. NO MATTER WHAT!! I am sure you have mentioned that before, but it is true.
I know all the things you wrote are true & that you really are so in love with him.

AND, you are so pretty! Every picture you looks so different, but so pretty.

Hope it was a good ANNI.

Anonymous said...

You push start.

Then the tool bar comes up.

.....that's what she said.

kemra said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys are such a cute couple! How do you stay so gorgeous? You look like a movie start in every picture! I hope you guys are doing something fun!

Sarah's Nonsense said...

Happy Anniversary, guys!

Rhiannon said...

Happy ANniversary I hope that you had a great day.

Mike & Stephanie Wright said...

I love all of the Farm pictures. Happy Anniversary!!!!! You are perfect for Stephen. He is very lucky! vise versa.

jalipeno said...

hey girl,
i'm still alive, i check your blog every once in a while :)
i will call you soon to get your address for my shower
miss ya

Mary Ann said...

Cute pictures. You look beautiful! I hardly even know Stephen, but he sounds great...especially since he is such a good present giver... maybe he could teach Wayne a thing or two... CONGRATS! I miss you!

The Wilkins' said...

Happy #6! Time flies, eh?! You are beautiful and I love your wedding dress. You forgot to tell the story about the birds pooping on you while taking pictures after! I'll never forget that! hopefully you can laugh about it now, like i do!